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Study on Price Volatility in the Stocks of NSE

The main objective of this project is to understand the composition and price volatility in the stocks of NSE - Nifty. The project should aim to understand the concept and importance of stock indices; to study the major companies those are part of the Nifty; to study the volatility of stock prices of Nifty; to study the returns and risks of the Nifty stocks and to suggest the potential investors on the best stocks and sectors to invest in.

Skills Required
  • Finance Background
  • Secondary Research Skills
  • MS Office Skills
  • Business Writing

Project Takeaways
  • All the successful candidates will be given a project completion certificate from Investleaf Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
  • The best project  submitted will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.1000. 
  • More projects will be allotted to the winner of the best project if they are interested.
  • Winners of the best project will be listed on this website and also contacted directly via email.

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